Success Case: Many-Worlds

Many-Worlds was founded in 2009 as a company specializing in the development of augmented reality projects.

Many Worlds.

Branding and Brand Identity. We defined Many-Worlds' new corporate identity. We designed a logo and a brand corporate manual. We created a creative design for the new website following the new guidelines. From the visual guide representing the website's visual framework or structure to the interface design, considering ease of use and intuitiveness, and the UX design, focusing on the user to provide the best experience.

Caso de éxito Manyworlds

Many-Worlds Success Story

 Need 1:

The client wanted to create a brand image with which they felt completely identified and represented.


We worked closely until we found the corporate identity that satisfied the client to create their style manual.

 Need 2:

The client needed a high-impact website and wanted a custom solution outside of standard content management systems. The website had to be multilingual.


A custom content management system was developed to meet the client's needs for publishing their projects, services, etc.
The content management system was created to be multilingual, allowing each piece of content to be available in multiple languages, including text and images.