Success Case: Vodafone

"Recárgate de Regalos" was the loyalty program for Vodafone's prepaid customers. We implemented the gift system with every top-up and numerous giveaways.

Recharge with Gifts

We developed a website from scratch for customer loyalty and acquisition in the prepaid sector. We implemented a points program where customers receive a guaranteed reward with each card recharge. We analyzed the market and every step customers took on the website to enhance both the user experience and usability. We managed media investment and designed each internal campaign conducted on the website.

We created a personalized gift grid with an attractive and modern design, focused on simplicity. Its goal is to address the specific needs of RdR users, achieving greater satisfaction and a better experience with minimal effort, thus enhancing the user experience.

We enhanced the visualization of gifts in an aspirational grid. All users can access information about all the gifts available on RdR. This way, they can quickly decide whether they prefer a direct gift, accumulating points, or participating in one of the weekly draws.

We launched contests in which users had to participate to win a trip or a gift voucher through online voting, thereby encouraging participation and the registration of new users.