Success Case: Escrapalia

Escrapalia is an online auction application where you can find items such as furniture, vehicles, and more.

An application that manages listings of various items (furniture, vehicles, industrial machinery, etc.) to be later auctioned on their website.

These products contain all kinds of information, including photos, videos, and audio recordings made using a personalized assistant.

It also includes a "delivery module" through which Escrapalia employees can manage the delivery of an item that has already been auctioned to the winning bidder.

Need 1:

The client needed a native app, one for Android devices and another for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). They wanted both their customers and employees to be able to download the app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for any platform.


The app was created using Microsoft Xamarin technology to be able to reuse a single development with all the advantages that this entails, thus reducing the development time and fitting the client's budget.

Need 2:

The client needed to technically document their requirements, some of which involved various technological solutions.


Indicus Software analyzed and gathered requirements in close collaboration with the client, offering versatile technical solutions, including QR code creation and reading, item geolocation, and the use of the mobile phone's camera, among others.

Need 3:

The client wanted to create their corporate website. It needed to be a platform that met their high-quality standards, was flexible for updates, and built on a robust, enterprise-grade platform.


A versatile solution was implemented using a WordPress content management system, customized to meet their needs, and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure maximum reliability.

Need 4:

The client wanted to create a design that met their needs, an attractive design, and a refreshed image for their apps.


The most current prototyping, UI/UX design, and graphic design tools were used to create an interface that met the client's needs.

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