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We turn your vision into reality.

Discover how we take your company to the next level.

We make your project a reality

In an increasingly digital world, having the guidance of technology experts is essential to ensure the success of your company. In our technology consulting, we not only provide tailor-made solutions but also help you keep your company up to date and competitive in an ever-evolving market. Don't wait any longer to take your company to the next level with our experience and technology knowledge.

Consultoria IT, solucionamos problemas

Just as our clients have recognized the opportunities offered by information and communication technologies applied to their businesses, at Indicus Software, we have understood the need to develop solutions and services that allow them to maximize the return on their technology investments, in terms of resource and process optimization. Indicus Software hemos entendido la necesidad de desarrollar con ellos las soluciones y servicios que les permitan obtener el máximo rendimiento de sus inversiones en tecnología, en términos de optimización tanto de recursos como de procesos.

To achieve this, we bring:

  • Knowledge of business processes, gathered over more than 15 years of experience in implementations in organizations from different sectors.
  • Technological expertise, with specialized teams in the leading technologies and platforms in the market.
  • Closeness and commitment to results, as a fundamental part of our cooperative identity.

We listen to you

At Indicus Software, we listen to your proposal or project idea.

We know the technologies, we know the market, and perhaps the project you have in mind, which you think is very complicated, can be done in a straightforward way.

We advise you

We advise you on how to carry out your project.

What technologies to use.

Example: Is it better to have an app or a website?

We take your budget into account.

Example: Complete project or an expandable initial version?

Study its viability plan for the future.

Example: How will it be profitable? Sales? Affiliations? Advertising?

We go by your side

From the beginning:

We advise you from the project's conception.

In the creation:

No surprises, closed budgets and deploy dates.

The best technical support:

Unlike other companies, you will always contact the people who have participated in your project.

IT consulting areas

We have experience in providing solutions and advice in a wide range of professional areas:

E-commerce Solutions

Development of product sales platforms, rentals, catalogs, accommodations, vehicles, etc.

Mobility. Android and iOS apps

Push notifications, GPS positioning, Internet of Things (IoT), integration with APIs...

Information flow management, CRM, ERP

We implement our Cestrack tool to optimize processes within your organization...

Cloud hosting

Solutions for website hosting, from our own hosting to 5* service on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud...

Promotional marketing:

Promotions for marketing agencies. Promotions, coupon redemption, etc.


Motivational campaigns for sales teams, suppliers, customers, employees, etc.

Virtual trade shows

Development of virtual trade show platforms and marketplaces

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