Custom business software development

100% tailored solutions to your needs.

Address specific issues in your company with a trusted partner.

Tailored software development to meet your needs

What is custom development?

Custom software is designed to solve specific problems for the company or organization that contracts it. To do this, the hired company needs to listen to the needs of those in charge and the users who will use the tool.

Custom software is ideal for addressing the specific needs of our business. Unlike existing software, custom software adapts to the functioning of our organization and not the other way around.

Indicus Software, experts in custom development

Indicus has been developing custom software for over 15 years. In all our projects, we use Agile development methodology. The experience gained over these years and the application of our quality management system procedures and controls have enabled us to interpret and evolve this methodology to achieve the best results in software development.

How do we work?

We divide projects into small modules, forming temporary sprints. Periodically, the client receives a test environment where it is validated that the development aligns with their expectations and does not deviate from the specified requirements. Partial deliveries are a powerful tool for achieving a final result of quality capable of satisfying even the most demanding client.

What technology do we use?

Our development team consists of individuals with multidisciplinary training, and we are always close to sources of innovation since our teams have programmed for startups, multinational corporations, and large companies.

Experience in leading ICT technologies: .Net, Java, Html, IOS, Android, Javascript... If you are thinking of undertaking a custom development project in your company, feel free to consult us without obligation.

At Indicus Software, we will analyze all the needs you convey to us and propose the best technological solution to meet them, whether it's a mobile application, a big data-based system, or a custom ERP or CRM.

What types of projects do we undertake?

Management Software, ERPs, and CRMs

From our beginnings, we have developed custom software and management programs. We enhance your business resources by adapting technology to you, not the other way around.

Mobile Applications

If you need a mobile application on iOS, Android, or hybrid platforms, we are experts. Reach your customers and users more easily, or use it to have everything you need in the palm of your hand with a mobile application that meets your requirements.

Web Application Development and Design

We specialize in developing projects with the latest web trends and technologies: responsive, accessible, optimized for SEO to achieve the best Google rankings, etc.

Customized WordPress

If you have or need a WordPress website but want to add new features and get more out of it, we can help. WooCommerce, plugins, multilingual support, page loading speed, product configurator, mailing lists, CRM and ERP integration, and more.

Woocomerce, plugins, multiidioma, velocidad de carga, configurador de productos, listas de correo, conexion con CRM y ERP, etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, and predictive models

Today's companies need to predict future behaviors and outcomes to optimize resources or make intelligent decisions. If your organization generates large volumes of data, we can use them to make decisions that will save you time and money every day.

Customized tailor-made software projects

If the project you envision does not fit anything that exists, we can help you create it without a problem. Custom project development is at the heart of what we do.

Business Applications: SOA architecture, Web Services/REST, B2x, client Backoffice integration...

E-commerce and Payment Methods: Integration with gateways like RedSys, Sermepa, PayPal, and more...

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