Website design and development

Indicus Software is a company that has evolved to specialize in website application design and development.

Our team of developers and experts will advise you to offer the website that best suits the needs and budget of your company.

Website Design. Corporate identity, landing pages...

E-commerce. E-commerce stores, payment gateways...

We want to be the technology partner for your company or department.

We develop your website

Informative website for your company

We design from scratch or with your corporate image the website that your company needs. The showcase to the world where you can offer your products and services, adaptable to mobile devices (responsive), and with the professional appearance that your company requires.

Online store, ecommerce web

We develop from scratch or using an e-commerce engine the online store where your customers can purchase your products. We are experts in integrating with payment gateways.

Customized or ondemand development

Our team of experts will carry out the development tailored to your needs, advising you at every step to meet the needs of your company within your budget.

Experts in all stages of your website development



Together, we will analyze your project and your needs, and we will advise you on how to approach it, considering your budget.
We will always advise you, informing you of the advantages and disadvantages of using one technology or another.


Taking into account what has been agreed, we will develop the web solution either through an existing framework or through a custom development.


The client will be able to test their project, which will be published in a testing environment to address any potential issues or refinements. Once all parties are satisfied with the testing, the website will be finally published.


The web development is now available to everyone, including customers, and can be used for making purchases and other activities.


Hosting is where the website will be hosted. Indicus Software provides high-quality hosting services, or we can advise you on choosing cloud hosting options such as Amazon AWS, Azure, etc.


We have an online marketing team that can provide SEO strategies, social media management, and more.


As web developers and experts in digital marketing, we offer maintenance contracts to ensure that your website grows at the pace your company requires.

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